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by Jack O'Holleran

Which decisions made by the sales team can you control as a Sales or Marketing leader? Which can't you control?

Among leaders "at the forefront of real analytics challenges"

CIO Review has published its 2013 "Data Analytics 20" based on consultation with CEOs, CIOs, VCs, analysts and the publication's editorial board. Evaluation criteria includes the vision, execution and realized value of solutions.

Convincing someone to adopt something new is never easy. Now imagine you are trying to get field sales reps to use software that guides them to act in accordance with headquarter-driven priorities.

Our CEO David Ehrlich's eyeforpharma presentation

We connected presidential election campaigns, human-computer chess competitions, and happier medical patients in our presentation at the recent eyeforpharma Philadelphia 2013 conference.

Software engineer in Bay Area this time

We have a new addition from the last positions we posted, and appreciate all the interest we received. As Aktana continues advancing, we're expanding more. The company could use great engineers to work with us on development of our products.

Real-time analysis for live help to the field

The big data movement has arrived with widespread, real-world use, and it's advancing. Practitioners can access a lot of information, from diverse sources, and perform sophisticated analysis to help them anticipate what will happen and execute on goals.

"Aktana Launches Suggestion Engine Designed For Sales People In The Field"

Aktana is profiled in TechCrunch, the leading bog for information and engagement in the technology industry.

Can you develop enterprise class apps and enjoy building quant models? Can you manage product in a senior capacity? Or, do at least one of those? Let's talk!

It's a thrilling time to work at Aktana. Our solutions for more insightful and effective revenue generation by our customers are proving their effectiveness. The momentum is awesome, and we could use yet more great people to keep advancing things.

Leverage Analysis, While Respecting The Field's Action Orientation

Powerful analysis of abundant information is transforming the enterprise. Business Intelligence ("BI") applications provide big data advantages to management teams. They can assess aggregated details to set future directions. BI usage includes micro-segmentation within marketplaces, and controlled experimentation with different strategies applied to different segments to find what works best.

Impact Of Big, Smart Data Throughout Healthcare Lifecycles

Getting to massive amounts of content, from wherever people are, on whatever device is handy, with capabilities to intelligently process for better decisions -- these are the elements of the heralded "big data" trend. Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News has a great ar