Aktana is driving sales force effectiveness in industries and countries around the world.

We know what works, what doesn’t, and why

At Aktana, our team has spent years helping leading companies in a wide range of industries successfully meet their go-to-market challenges. This deep knowledge and experience serves as the foundation for our core solution. We then build upon it by integrating your own corporate intelligence and strategies.

The result?

  • Specific, actionable insights
  • Insights that become even deeper as our learning algorithms continually refine them
  • A comprehensive set of optimized company-, customer-, and rep-specific strategies.

Over the past few years Aktana has been actively involved in the Life Sciences, Financial Services, Telecom and High Tech industries. However, thanks to our flexible, modular architecture, we can quickly and easily configure our solutions to meet the needs of a wide range of customers and industries.

Whatever your company or challenge, when you’re ready to go to market, we’re ready to help.

Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences

Delivering always-on insight to significantly increase HCP access and advocacy.

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Financial Services

Driving top-line results in a globally connected, ever-changing ecosystem.

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Helping sales teams instantly connect to prospects, customers and opportunities.

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High Tech

Powering sales performance through next-gen analytics and architecture.

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