Upheaval in global financial services markets has been unprecedented in recent years, and pressure on the insurance agent, financial planner or broker has never been greater.

Financial reps face:

  • Strict and increasing regulatory oversight, both on state and federal level.
  • Market volatility and record losses in financial services businesses.
  • Customers who are fatigued by the prolonged recession, frustrated with investments, and looking to reduce “extra” costs like insurance and planning fees.
  • An ever-increasing and increasingly complex universe of products.
  • The delicate balance of running a business, while creating a meaningful relationship with their clients.

Aktana meets these challenges head-on — providing agents, planners and brokers with a highly contextual, mobile, intelligent solution, which is specifically designed to help increase the impact of their customer outreach efforts.

Insurance Agents and Financial Planners like Aktana because it helps them build the foundation of their business: a lifetime relationship with the customer.

It gives them the information they need most in the form of specific, actionable recommendations. Better yet, the more reps use Aktana, the better it gets at providing them useful insights.

Because Aktana translates even the most sophisticated strategies into specific, suggested agent, planner & broker actions, Marketing and Sales Analytics professionals are now free to develop customer relationship development plans that are more nuanced and targeted than ever before.

Aktana enables:

  • Delivering customized product suggestions, based on micro-segmentation (life events, prior purchase behavior, customer concerns.)
  • Summarizing customer activity across channels, and make actionable recommendations for the agent to engage the client.
  • Determining quickly the best strategies and marketing tactics, based on real-world feedback.

Used by a broad array of financial services companies, Aktana can make the agent, planner or rep more successful, building sales, brand loyalty and share.

Supporting the agent, planner or broker with the insights, products, priorities and messages to build meaningful, long-lasting customer relationships.

Aktana® is the leader in actionable analytics for sales force effectiveness