Technology challenges even the most seasoned and savvy sales rep, who struggles to manage a complex sales cycle, changing and intricate product line, and a sophisticated, well-informed customer.

As a technology company ourselves, we know first-hand the complexities of high-tech sales:

  • Emerging value propositions.
  • Disruptive technologies.
  • Intricate product ecosystems.
  • Various and often competing interests of channel partners: MSPs, VARs, & others.
  • Business-critical technology, and time-critical implementation.

Aktana meets these challenges head-on — providing reps with a highly contextual, mobile, intelligent solution specifically designed to help them increase the impact of their customer outreach efforts.

Tech sales reps like Aktana because it provides a comprehensive view of all contact with the customer, allowing them to add value with every interaction.

Technology companies typically have a wealth of information about the customer e.g., last purchase, history of service center access, use of company how-to’s and webinars, even detailed tech installation and use of competitive technology.

Aktana enables real data to be used to inform actionable recommendations for the sales rep, bringing the wisdom of the whole organization on each sales call. Better yet, the more reps use Aktana, the better it gets at providing them useful insights.

Because Aktana translates even the most sophisticated strategies into specific, suggested rep actions, Marketing and Sales Analytics professionals are now free to develop sales plans that are more nuanced and targeted than ever before.

Aktana ensures the best possible outcome by:

  • Coordinating with MSPs, VARs and other channels to the customer.
  • Creating custom sales plans, based on service calls, product purchase history and access to company instructional resources.
  • Suggesting targeted messaging, based on customer technology installation.

Aktana allows technology sales teams to be as powerful and innovative as the technology they sell.

Bringing the wisdom of the whole organization on every sales call.

Aktana® is the leader in actionable analytics for sales force effectiveness