Delivering always-on insight to significantly increase HCP access and advocacy.

There have been dramatic changes in the pharmaceutical landscape over the last 10 years as competition has grown, resources have shrunk, and the sales process has become increasingly complex.

The most challenging changes have included:

  • An unprecedented rate of patent expirations and utilization of generic substitutes.
  • A marked decrease in FDA approval for new molecular entities, slowing the development and introduction of new drugs to market.
  • Increased competition for HCP mindshare and decreased physical access.
  • HCPs accessing information via an expanding array of channels, increasing the burden of coordination.
  • Government regulations continuing to restrict flexibility and tactics.

Aktana meets these challenges head-on — providing reps with a highly contextual, mobile, intelligent solution specifically designed to help them increase the impact of their HCP outreach efforts.

Pharma reps like Aktana because it understands how they work and speaks their language.

It gives them the information they need most in the form of specific, actionable recommendations. Better yet, the more reps use Aktana, the better it gets at providing them useful insights.

Because Aktana translates even the most sophisticated strategies into specific, suggested rep actions, Marketing and Sales Analytics professionals are now free to develop call plans that are more nuanced and targeted than ever before.

Aktana enables:

  • Delivering call plans based on micro-segmentation (prescribing behavior, sampling response, historical web interactions, etc.)
  • Rapidly adjusting call plans to changing market conditions and/or seasonal priorities.
  • Enhancing field coordination with other channels and promoting rep-inclusive multi-channel strategies.

Already used by some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, Aktana is proven to help maintain brand equity, significantly increase sales, and capture market share.