With billions of connected devices shaping the way the world works, lives and plays, the telecommunications industry is truly a global enterprise — with equally large challenges.

The industry faces increasingly rapid innovation and technology adoption by both consumers and businesses. Users of both mobile and wired devices increasingly expect always-on, high bandwidth performance. Both retail and business customers benefit from the same trends in telecom: the ubiquity of the smartphone, increasing connectivity through small wireless networks, new restrictions on all-you-can-eat data plans, and a bewildering and increasing array of apps.

Further, companies in this space are making a fundamental shift away from traditional integrated business models, toward increasingly open service platforms and application options. This results in further product proliferation, including the offer of telecom infrastructure to the customer, such as private networks, hosting services, and cloud computing.

Aktana meets these challenges head-on — providing telecom sales reps with a highly contextual, mobile, intelligent solution specifically designed to help them increase the impact of their customer outreach efforts.

The telecom rep likes Aktana because it provides the very best in targeting and messaging, including timely information about the customer, purchase and service call history, and relevant offers for that customer, that day.

It gives them the information they need most in the form of specific, actionable recommendations. Better yet, the more reps use Aktana, the better it gets at providing them useful insights.

Because Aktana translates even the most sophisticated strategies into specific, suggested rep actions, Marketing Analytics professionals are now free to develop strategies that are more nuanced and targeted than ever before.

Aktana enables a more effective, more efficient telecom sales call, by providing:

  • Information on what products and services the customer currently uses.
  • Direction on which offers and products complement and extend the customer’s current implementation.
  • The most effective messaging, to connect with a busy customer executive and breaking through the clutter of competitive offers, promises and promotions.

Aktana’s customized solutions are used by Telecom companies to act quickly, execute precisely, and successfully navigate their way though a constantly changing sales eco-system.

Analytically driven product recommendations, messaging and delivery – matching a sophisticated customer with the right product.

Aktana® is the leader in actionable analytics for sales force effectiveness