The AKTANA Product Suites

The AKTANA Agile Marketing Suite bridges the gap between Marketing and Field Sales, leveraging the resources of the entire organization in every sales call.

The AKTANA Empowered Selling Suite hones in on the pivotal role in the sales process: the sales rep.

Agile Marketing Suite

The AKTANA Agile Marketing Suite creates an effective, dynamic, learning loop between Marketing and Field Sales. Companies using the Agile Marketing Suite empower every field decision with the insight and context of their entire go-to-market strategy.

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Empowered Selling Suite

Employing key elements of the larger Agile Marketing Suite, the Empowered Selling Suite targets the creation and refinement of Smart Suggestions for the Field Sales rep. Empowered Selling leverages Aktana's proprietary technology in a high-impact implementation, providing immediate results in field performance.

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Aktana solutions maximize productivity, reduce costs and drive results at every point in the sales cycle, from first call to final close.

Aktana® integrates into your workflow and improves results at every point in the sales cycle