Technology is used only when it makes a difference.

Technology makes a difference only when it's used.

A flexible, dynamic architecture,

connecting people to insights

Aktana makes a difference with our Proprietary Engines, using advanced mathematical algorithms to spot behaviors, patterns and possibilities - turning "big data" into true insight.

Aktana ensures usage with our Dynamic User Experience: creating a meaningful connection with sales reps, that encourages adoption and rewards use.

Proprietary Learning and Recommendation Engines

The AKTANA Proprietary Learning and Recommendation Engines creates advanced insight, based upon sophisticated reinforced learning algorithms and a highly-adaptive dynamic programming architecture. Based on technology originally created for NASA, Aktana’s proprietary artificial intelligence produces breakthrough insights, and continually improves on those insights.

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Dynamic User Experience

Aktana’s Dynamic User Experience creates a tight connection between users and the Aktana software, through an experience that is both immersive and highly interactive. Aktana’s insights are both up-to-minute in relevance and immediately actionable.

Aktana has invested thousands of research hours with field sales reps, designing and refining the user experience.

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