Artificial intelligence alone does not make sales; people make sales. Developed by salespeople, for sales people, Aktana’s Dynamic User Experience model encourages adoption and rewards use. Based on thousands of hours of research with field reps, Aktana provides a user experience that is relevant, personalized, and optimized.

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Unlike traditional one-way solutions, Aktana works alongside reps, reacting to their decisions and preferences, and providing them with ideas and assistance at their fingertips, when they need it, the way they want it.

The result is a fast and efficient user experience that promotes a uniquely virtuous circle between rep and tool. Reps instantly see that their input is valued, and are rewarded with ever-improving suggestions. Reps are incented to provide honest feedback, based on their knowledge of customers, territories and strategies, which leads to more accurate and more usable Smart Suggestions.

The Aktana Dynamic User Experience is built upon three key pillars:

Respecting the Sales Rep

  • Offering Smart Suggestions, not directives
  • Ensuring those Smart Suggestions are specific and actionable
  • Allowing Reps to accept – or reject – suggestions

Adapting to the Rep (not making the Rep adapt to the tool)

  • Easy-to-use interface, based on rep research.
  • Proactively delivering relevant information, when it’s needed most.
  • Learning from what the Rep does with the application, requiring no additional data entry from them.
  • Integrating with existing CRM & SFA tools, on common platforms.

Learning from the Rep

  • Capturing what works – and what doesn’t – in the field, both by observing how reps use the tool, and streamlined collection of rep feedback.
  • Immediately incorporating feedback from the rep into suggestions, so reps see their feedback valued.
  • Improving suggestions constantly, incenting the Rep to provide ongoing, honest feedback.

Aktana is specifically attuned to the way sales reps think and work.

Building smart suggestions from smart technology